Edmonton International Jazz Festival

The Edmonton Jazz Festival Society (EJFS) was born out of a love for jazz music, and a desire to share that love with the community. After Edmonton’s inaugural jazz festival in 2005, a group of like-minded music lovers got together to form the EJFS, to ensure that there would be a dedicated group to organize the festival for years to come.

The EJFS has grown quite a bit since those early days, and by building on their successes each year, they have been able to attract larger and larger international acts with each installment of the festival. But their focus isn’t just on bringing international stars to Edmonton. The EJFS contributes to the musical education of Edmontonians year-round through their Jazzworks program, where they host jazz workshops and competitions for emerging local talent.

The continued success of the EJFS is only made possible through the hard work of their members and volunteers, the help of their many sponsoring organizations, and through the love and support that they have received from Edmonton’s growing jazz community.

Be sure to check out their website for the full lineup!