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  • CHUCK @ 92.5’s $5K Bullseye

    ALRIGHT REPUBLIC LISTEN UP! You’re our people, and we love to please the people. You spoke… we listened! CHUCK @ 92.5’s $5K Bullseye is BACK! New to the Bullseye? Here’s the deal. Keep it locked at 8 AM daily to Willy In The Morning for the Cue to Text! When you hear it, text us at […]

  • Fan Friday 2023

    We had so much fun doing Fan Friday last year and we know you did to, but we know that not everyone was able to get chosen for Fan Friday… SO WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN! Fan Friday is back for a 2023 sequel more powerful than the 23rd Batman reboot! Tell us who you are, […]

  • The CHUCK Republic

    We’re not just fans. We’re closer than family. We’re more important than VIP. We’re The CHUCK Republic! This is the ONLY place you’ll find experiences like no other, front-of-the-line access to some of the best shows to grace our fine city, exclusive Republic events, a personalized newsletter keeping you the most in the know that’s […]

  • The Grand IQ Test

    Every morning at 8:40am, Willy In The Morning tests listeners knowledge with The Grand IQ Test! You’ll be asked a series of 5 questions with categories that range from: Music, Current Events, Pop Culture, History, General/Local Knowledge… it could literally be about anything! Answer all correct, and you’ll be a GRAND IQ CHAMPION! Since few have succeeded […]