The EE Football Team isn’t our forever name. We’ve had HUNDREDS of good submissions by email, direct message, snail mail, carrier pigeon and Morse code from all over the world. We have been listening to all of it, but to track and use these suggestions in a meaningful way, we need to pull it all together.

So…  we are asking ‘OFFICIALLY’ for you to submit your EXCEPTIONAL suggestions HERE! This will allow us to manage and track all your suggestions and reasons for your suggestions.

Starting November 22, what would have been Grey Cup Sunday during our ‘14 Days of Grey Cup, presented by The Brick’, we are going to ask for your name suggestions for YOUR team. Submissions officially close on December 1 and will be evaluated by the team dedicated to deciding the final name.

Keep it clean, respectful and show us your passion for football, the team, and the city of Edmonton.

VISIT esks.com/name and follow #EENameTime.