Edmonton International Fringe Festival: The Fringe that Never Was

The Fringe that Never Was Keeps Festival Spirit Alive with Fundraiser to Raise $1 Million!

Fringe Fans may not be able to get their summer festival fix this year due to the COVID pandemic, but they will still get a chance to be part of the action in an even more meaningful way – as the Fringe embarks on one of the most important events the Festival has ever staged!

The first ever Old School Edmonton International Fringe Festival Telethon: Tears, Bears and Tickets You’ll Never Use: A LIVE Fringe Telethon, will run all day on Wednesday, August 5th from the Westbury Theatre at the ATB Financial Arts Barns in Edmonton.

Phone lines are open from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. You can call 780-448-9000 to donate! Or donate online at www.fringetheatre.ca/give

Supporters are encouraged to donate your yearly Fringe budget (the same amount you’d usually spend on tickets, the Festival Program Guide, and green onion cakes!), buy the Fringe a beer (18+ only) ($7), buy a ticket to a show you’ll never see ($10), or donate $39 in celebration of Fringe’s 39th year so we can Fringe Forever. Audiences can also enjoy seeing artist interviews, and music streaming live to your home; while Fringe personalities take pledges from Festival supporters and fans. You can watch it all on FRINGE TV!