On Location: Alberta Diabetes Foundation

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation made its mark in diabetes research by funding the initial 12-years of human clinical trials for islet transplantation when no other diabetes funder would.

Thanks to the Edmonton Protocol, islet transplantation has become the standard therapy for restoring insulin production in patients with high-risk diabetes. To date thousands of people living with diabetes in Alberta and around the world have benefited from this therapy.

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation is poised to continue this legacy by identifying research projects at all stages of the research pipeline at risk of not being funded by traditional granting organizations. Join us May 30th and be a part of the next version of the Edmonton Protocol.

To learn more about the new revolutionary research being introduced through the Alberta Diabetes Foundation or to pledge your donation today, call 1-800-563 -2450.
Be a part of the day to end diabetes. Alberta Diabetes Foundation — funding life changing research. For Albertans. For the world.