Breakfast with the Guys

There are male leaders in our communities that are looking beyond the football
field to see what they can do to make the world safer for women and girls”
– Jan Reimer, Executive Director – Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters

This year the Breakfast with the Guys takes place just before the Grey Cup Festival in Edmonton. We want to play our part in making this ‘the safest Grey Cup ever.’ Speakers from across Canada are speaking about what they are doing to make sure their actions matter. Join other leaders from all areas of business, sport, industry, government, culture and social services to talk about how your actions matter, too. In this era of #MeToo we know that men and boys are also part of the solution in creating positive change for women and girls facing violence and abuse.  Stand with other leaders in your support of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters at this year’s Breakfast with the Guys because your actions matter.

The impact of our violence prevention work is felt by everyone who touches it – coaches, players and management.  Now you can join the conversation and make a valuable contribution to ending violence and abuse against women and girls.