The CHUCKies

For years, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, influencers have all been rating the “Best of Edmonton.” But it’s always been a blanket award… Best RESTAURANT, Best HOTEL, Best MUSEUM. So we want to know what THINGS about each of these places makes them the best. We want to answer the REAL Best Of questions of the City of Champions!

The CHUCKies have entered the conversation!

We want you to tell us what REALLY is the BEST of the YEG! Things like, Best Pull Apart Grilled Cheese, Best Shuffle Board, Best Curling Hack.

Check back here every two weeks to HAVE YOUR SAY as the true voices of Edmonton. Tell us what the Best of the Best is and we could be awarding that local business, Baba’s stovetop, bathroom dartboard, ANYTHING could win a CHUCKie!

The CHUCKies are in your hands!

CHUCKed To You by Sentinel Storage

The next category is…
Best Community Pool