Drake Guest Stars On ‘Dave’ Alongside Brad Pitt

The season 3 finale of Lil Dicky’s “Dave” delivered an all-star extravaganza featuring guest appearances by Rachel McAdams, Brad Pitt and Drake, who hailed the show as “one of the most important of our generation.”

Booking such massive stars for a series sounds like a nearly impossible feat, but Lil Dicky, real name Dave Burd, who co-created the series, revealed to Rolling Stone how he accomplished acquiring such A-listers.

“A guy like Brad Pitt isn’t going to get in a show that he doesn’t think is one of the best shows. Because I have this show out, it’s a lot easier for a guy on Brad’s level to believe in it,” he said to the publication.

“It didn’t take me moving mountains to get Brad Pitt in the show. I just knew Brad Pitt really loved the show. And I knew Drake. When I met Drake, he told me our show was one of the most important shows of our generation.”

Burd explained that although it was surprisingly easy to get the A-listers to agree to a cameo, balancing their hectic schedules proved another challenge.

“So when I’m getting feedback from these people, I in my heart believe that if I ask them to be in it, they maybe say yes. And of course, it’s a scheduling nightmare,” he shared.

Burd further shed light on how he and Drake came to build a friendship, citing a studio hang-out with Kanye West as one of their first times bonding. After bumping into each other at a bar much later, the Grammy-winning Canadian icon told Burd that he watches his show “religiously.”

Drake’s cameo in the finale was a fictionalized version of himself who makes music and acts as a spiritual guide for the lead character. Pitt and McAdams also played themselves in the season send-off.

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