Britney Spears’ Crazy Story About Being Locked In A Bathroom Sounds Like A Metaphor

Free Britney just took on another meaning.

The pop icon took to Instagram to detail how she accidentally locked herself in the washroom in the middle of the night.

Spears posted a very detailed account about how she went to take a bath a 2 a.m. and use her new lotion because it helps her “sleep better.”

“I went to the bathroom and looked at my leftover coffee from earlier in the morning and said ‘gross’ but didn’t throw it away and then I looked for my face wash but couldn’t find it anywhere,” she recalled of the lotion.

As she went to look in the other bathroom for it she realized “the door was locked.”

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“I thought ok well it’s a bathroom, I can open the damn door 🚪 … no, the lock was stuck !!!! I got locked in the f**king bathroom and my boyfriend was sleeping 😴 … even if there are earthquakes he doesn’t wake up,” she said.

After screaming multiple times, boyfriend, Sam Asghari, finally woke up.

“He tried to do his thing to open the door with a PEN ✒️ … so I got my phone and called security to tell them to open the door 🚪 … 15 minutes went by and they finally said they’d send someone up to open the door … 10 minutes later …. ‘HELLO ??? Is anybody there ???’ … then they told me 10 more minutes,” she added.

“I cleaned the bathroom and thought about taking a shower or something but then I saw it … the door 🚪 … I just looked at it for the first time with a yearning of just wanting it to open … would my eyes trick me and make it happen faster ??? My eyes widened and the door was more clear … more vast … I could see it with clarity and brightness … please open door,” Spears wrote.

Help finally arrived, but once again Spears was told “maybe 10 minutes.”

“The old coffee I had left over from the morning was there … I started feeling foggy 😶‍🌫️ so I drank it … I was reenergized and started speaking again,” she said. “’Are you guys there ???’ … ‘Yes we are!’ They said, ‘Stand back, we’re going to open the door!’ It opened … it finally opened.”

“Hmm sounds like a metaphor of what’s happening in her life,” one person commented. “Queen of patiently waiting for freedom,” added another.

Keeping with the trend, another pointed out, “Girl has a PhD in metaphor.”

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Spears is currently in a legal battle to remove her father, Jamie Spears, as conservator of her 13 year conservatorship.

In new documents obtained by ET, her other conservator, Jodie Montgomery, claims Britney’s doctors agree that Jamie should be removed from the conservatorship.

Montgomery “respectfully notes that Britney Spears’s medical team agrees that it is not in the best interest of for Jamie Spears to be and remain conservator of the estate,” the document states.

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