Corey Hart Collaborates With Daughter Dante On New Single ‘Shoreline’

Father and daughter are bonding through music.

On Friday, Canadian singer Corey Hart released his latest single “Shoreline”, which is also a collaboration with his daughter Dante Hart.

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The optimistic song arrived alongside a hopeful new music video featuring the father and daughter on a sunny beach.

“I’m excited to be releasing ‘Shoreline’ as it represents my first new songwriting material since Dreaming Time Again EP in early 2019. It has been an absolute joy working with my fabulous daughter Dante,” Corey said. “Of course – I’m perfectly biased but all subjectivity aside, she’s a super talented young artist so having her mellifluous voice on the recording makes this particular single all the more special.”

Dante added, “Having the opportunity to sing ‘Shoreline’ with my Dad meant the world to me. He doesn’t often collaborate so it was a true honour and an incredible experience working together in the studio for one of his recordings. ‘Shoreline’ has depth and relevance to what’s going on in today’s world. The message resonates deep within me as I’m sure it will to many others – so proud of my Daddy.”

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The two also filmed a live acoustic performance of the song at Sanctuary Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, which will debut March 12.

Talking about the new track, Corey said, “I set out to write an uplifting track sprinkled with feel-good music colours like mandolin, B3 organ, and piano. ‘Shoreline’ draws its initial inspiration from the classic poem No Man Is An Island by John Donne.”

He continued, “There’s no denying COVID-19 has negatively impacted all of us in some shape or form. I believe we are all part of something much greater than ourselves — nobody lives or can exist completely alone. Human interaction is essential to our well-being, which has made life during the pandemic even more difficult to cope with. I’ve always chosen to walk on the sunrise side of the mountain so I’m going to hang tough and not give in to any dark pessimism; I’m certain it’s only a matter of time until land meets the sea again.”

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