Devon mom organizing diaper drive for those in need

WATCH ABOVE: A mom from Devon, Alta., is encouraging other parents to do a bit of spring cleaning and donate any extra diapers to the Mustard Seed.

A Devon, Alta., woman wants to make sure no parent has to choose between money for food or money for diapers.

Sheila Krahn was preparing for a garage sale and had a box of diapers she had been keeping for over a year for her daughter.

But when she realized her daughter wouldn’t fit them, Krahn figured she would sell them instead.

But after thinking about it, Krahn said she just didn’t think it was right.

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“I couldn’t think of a price that was — that I thought was fair, it just didn’t feel right to me. So I decided… why not just give them away? And maybe there’s other moms that have the same thing happen.

“Maybe there’s some other moms that have diapers sitting in the back of their closet that they don’t need.”

So Krahn posted on Facebook Sunday night, sharing her plan to collect as many boxes of diapers as she can for a diaper drive to donate to the Mustard Seed.

The post has since been shared more than 50 times and Krahn said she’s had some 10 to 20 people commit to either donating diapers or money for diapers.

Her goal is to fill up her mini van, more than once, if possible.

“I’d love if I could take at least two trips… My mini van… I put the seats down and everything. I’d love if I’d be able to fill it up all the way and take a couple trips to the Mustard Seed.”

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Executive director of the Edmonton Mustard Seed, Dean Kurpjuweit, said he’s continually amazed at the generosity and kindness of people in and around Edmonton.

“When things like this happen, especially organically like this, it just demonstrates again how many wonderful people there are out there that can and do act on the things they recognize that other people need in our community.”

He said Mustard Seed is always in need of diapers of all sizes, along with wipes and baby clothes.

Krahn said the support she’s received since making her post has been incredible and she never expected it to be shared as many times as it has.

“As a mom of two little girls, I never want to have to know what it’s like to have to stretch out a diaper.”

“That is something that no mom should ever have to go through — having to decide between buying diapers or putting food on the table.”

“I know a lot of families are in an economic bad place right now and nobody should have to make that decision.”

If you would like to help out, you can contact Krahn at 780-285-2023 or e-mail her at

Drop off locations have also been added elsewhere in the greater Edmonton area:

Red Wing Shoes
324 222 Baseline Road
Sherwood Park

Sheila Krahn
31 Pipestone Drive

Mary Rasberry
60 Lacombe Pointe
St. Albert

Rachel Steen
125 Springwood Way
Spruce Grove

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